Ana Morales


Ana Morales

18 July - 18 May 2017
22:15 - 22:15
Dansmakers Amsterdam, studio Cube (zie Netherlands

Workshop Ana Morales: expression in flamenco dance

Guajiras abanico con / with fan
Level: middle (4 years experience)
Time: 18:45 to 20:15
Location: Dansmakers Amsterdam studio Cube (see
Price: € 110, -
Note: Participants are requested to bring a fan.

Send an e-mail o.v.v. Workshop to Annemarie van Drecht, Participation is only valid after payment. The paid school fees can not be refunded in case of cancellation by the participant. The workshop will take a minimum of 6 participants per level.

Ana Morales
On stage is Ana Morales (Barcelona, ​​1982), known for its strong expression, sensuality and its courage to develop innovative projects. She currently divides her time between her own ideas and her role as a soloist in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía. As a teacher she is very popular inside and outside Spain. Flamenco criticism in Spain characterizes her as the great promise. During the Intermezzo Flamenco she is touring through the Netherlands and Belgium with her performance 'ReciclArte.

In this workshop she gives special attention to something that is often forgotten: the expression in flamenco dance. How do you as a dancer your story on the audience? Choreography and technique are of course important tools, but to get the public more is needed. The structures Guajiras (the intermediate level) and zapateado / bulería (for the advanced) Ana Morales offers participants expressive tools they her students can apply in their own dance and brings as a further step towards a convincing performance.

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