TYL (AUCKLAND - New Zealand)

Hi La Sonanta, Just wanted to say to you personally how pleased I am with this instrument. I am in love with the way it speaks. I find it very playable, it plays well. I want to express my esteem for building this cocobolo flamenca negra. It is beautifully made. A rich instrument in so many ways. Regards and thanks, Tyl

Tyl von Randow (Auckland - New Zealand)

Who would buy a guitar without first playing it? From half-way round the world? Well, I did. And you at laSonanta made it possible. You gave me time. You answered my questions. You listened to me. The guitar, which arrived in in a fantastically short time, has fulfilled my dreams. The feel of this handmade instrument made it instantly personal, its voice is complex and full of character and I just want to play and play. A great experience! Thanks, Tyl.

Jacquemin Marc (Wepion (Namur) - Belgium)

Merci à La Sonanta pour ma dernière livraison, un cajon... La Sonanta ce n'est pas que l'authenticité artisanale... La Sonanta c'est aussi la vivacité et la lucidité... Merci à Kathleen Parewijk... Marc

Michel (PARIS - France)

The streaming flamenco classes at LaSonantaClasses.com are very attractive, I bought one lesson (lasonantaclasses.com/collections/myrddin-online-guitar-video-classes/products/technique-alzapua-in-c-myrddin) very good video, very clear explanations, short, simple and perfect quality video. I will buy again. Michel Lafon

Juha (Helsinki - Finland)

I received my flamenco guitar today(really fast delivery). It's a great instrument, as you told me! I'm so pleased with her!

Joseph (California - United States)

Thank you so much, I got it! You guys are doing something very beautiful....... Thank you! Joseph

Marc (Namur - Belgium)

Merci de votre rapidité et de votre sérieux, Marc

Dino (Haute-Savoie - France)

Un grand merci à la sonanta pour mes articles livrés dans les délais, à leur amabilité au téléphone. J'ai d'ailleurs été étonné de pouvoir les joindres aussi facilement au téléphone, car en général, ce n'est pas le cas via les sites internet. Alors merci à vous et je compte bien refaire des achats ultérieurement. Bon week-end . Amicalement. Dino Cappella. Et viva la musica

Odette (Kent - United Kingdom)

Dear Kathleen, Thank you. I am very happy with my other top….. And the u tube dance lessons! Odette Bibb

Mark (Brussels - Belgium)

Hi Kathleen The flamenco skirt, blouse and shoes for our daughter arrived safely by UPS on Friday. She tried them on Saturday morning and everything fitted perfectly. We are all very pleased. Thank you for your help and excellent service! Best regards Mark Rogerson

Miguel (Biervliet - Netherlands)

gisteren de gitaar in goede staat ontvangen. Ik ben er zeer content mee en wil jullie hartelijk bedanken voor de ronduit geweldige service. Nogmaals hartelijk dank voor de goede service en veel succes en goede zaken met lasonanta!

Martin (Salamanca - Spain)

hola, estoy emocionado por su contenido. las clases de guitarra son impresionantes para mi que soy aprendiz del flamenco. saludos cordiales.

Wilhelm (Drôme - France)

Allo LaSonanata, merci pour votre compréhension et l'envoi rapide de mes articles désirés. Ils sont tous arrivés aujourd'hui, et j'en suis très heureux. Je vous souhaite un bon week-end. Sincèrement Wilhelm

Peter (Wareham - United Kingdom)

I will be a long time supporter of what you are doing. Thanks for doing what you guys are doing, it is truly appreciated by aficionados like me accrross the planet, living our lives with our little dreams.

Sandra (Belsele - Belgium)

hallo, De schoenen zijn vandaag aangekomen! ik vind ze prachtig en ze zitten ook goed, ik ga er vanavond al mee dansen! nog eens bedankt! Sandra

Fred (Bregenz - Australia)

Hello La Sonanta, Again and again i am playing my guitar, i am getting surprised about the incredible sound ,it is really like that you have done the description in your La Sonanta web, she is a beauty, incredible easy to play, even very light in weight, which means for me is making together with the beautiful woods the sound of her and i am very proud to own her now.

Jens Dr. Herrguth (Hannover - Germany)

The guitar has arrived. After checking the guitar I can happily realize that there are no problems. All things are in order. The guitar has been played by me some hours and I can say that the playability and the sound are both excellent, very fine and very equilibrated. A comparable guitar would cost approximately nearby the twice, I think. All in all, a real masterpiece of a concert flamenco guitar! Thanks again so much for this wonderful instrument!

Felix Jose Caraballo Reyes (Punto Fijo Falcon - Venezuela)

Les felicito que bueno que existan personas que se preocupen por difundir el flamenco en todas sus formas y donde el instrumento y sus hacedores viven y vibran al mismo tono y timbre. DESDE VENEZUELA SALUDOS AMIGOS DE LA SONANTA

Mike Rampling (Manchester - United Kingdom)

I had identified La Sonanta as probably the best flamenco guitar shop in Europe and travelled to Belgium to try out the Jeronimo Maya Especial and a few other tasty looking prospects, I had a lovely day playing some amazing guitars , all with their own wonderful character and tone , but the Especial captured my soul and ears . Geert was so helpful, his advice was superb and it was a privilege to buy from a real enthusiast. I nearly bought the Francisco Navarro concert blanca also ! Superb Dank u

David Fernandez (New Jersey - United States)

“Although strictly an amateur guitarist, I have had the pleasure of owning 60 different guitars thus far in my lifetime. Thus I have had business transactions with every major guitar dealer worldwide. I can safely say that the staff at La Sonata in Belgium provided me with customer service superior to all others. Their polite, friendly, and in-depth communication and expertise were truly remarkable. They treated me like a true flamenco aficionado, although I hardly consider myself worthy of such a designation. I am now the proud owner of a 2004 Antonio Raya Pardo negra, and at a very nice price. This was the most effortless international sale I have ever experienced. They have guaranteed themselves a repeat customer. Thanks, La Sonata!”