Flamenco, Flamenco (DVD) - Carlos Saura

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With the experience and knowledge that Carlos Saura’s films have gained over time, we explore the current talents in the lively art of flamenco. “Flamenco, Flamenco” can be considered to be the greatest exponent of Carlos Saura’s particular way of producing musical cinema. No doubt, this will enable audiences all around the world to enjoy flamenco art, through music, guitar, dancing and incredibly beautiful singing.
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The film opens with the Lorcan song por rumba which ‘Flamenco’ was closed with. But this time ‘Verde que te quiero verde’ isn’t performed by Ketama, but rather by young cantaores Ángeles Fernández and Carlos García. The baile is represented by a large lineup of figures of this time. The first to appear, dressed in red, is Sara Baras por alegrías. She is followed by young talents like Rocío Molina por garrotín, the acclaimed Eva Yerbabuena with the soleá ‘Llanto’, the avant-garde Israel Galván with ‘Silencio’, the creative Rafael Estévez and Nani Paños dancing a guajira by Arcángel, Farruquito with the piece ‘Lluvia de ilusión’ and even his little brother Manuel Fernández ‘El Carpeta’ pointing to the future with a bulería. Moreover, there is room for the group baile choreographed by Javier Latorre in the pieces ‘Semana Santa’ and ‘El tiempo’.

The entire film is sprinkled with moments of cante throughout. Montse Cortés and Estrella Morente represent the established acclaim of young female voices, one with a soleá por bulerías and the other por tangos. Miguel Poveda appears twice: first solo with a cuplé por bulerías, and secondly together with Yerbabuena. And there are more duos included in the movie. Tomatito joins forces with Niña Pastori to recall ‘La leyenda del tiempo’ by Camarón. The two most personal pianists on the current scene, Diego Amador and Dorantes, converse in ‘Dos almas’.

As Saura himself has written, “on this journey, the maestros accompany new talents, whether it is as a sort of presentation, or whether it is giving them a chance, in a transfer of creative continuity which keeps the flame of the future alive”. And those maestros are none other than Paco de Lucía performing the bulería por soleá ‘Antonia’; Manolo Sanlúcar with ‘La danza de los pavos’ from his album inspired by the painting of Romero Rossendi; and cantaor José Mercé por martinete and toná. And closing the circle, the movie finishes the way the first one began, with a Jerez-style flamenco fiesta including the performances of artists such as Luis el Zambo, Jesús Méndez and Moraíto, among others.

  • PAL color system. Please check your DVD player is compatible with PAL DVD.
  • Extras: Trailer, Making of, Artis inteviews, storyboards comented by Saura, Pictures galery 
  • Format (screen): Overview 16/9
  • Format: DVD
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo Spanish


  • VERDE QUE TE QUIERO VERDE - RUMBA (Carlos García, Cantaor. , Mª Ángeles Fernández, Cantaora, Josemi Carmona, Guitarrista, Manolo Nieto, Contrabajo, Rafael Hermoso, Percusión)
  • A MI NIÑA SARITA – ALEGRÍA (Sara Baras, Bailaora, Miguel de La Tolea, Cantaor, Saul Quirós, Cantaor, Emilio Florido, Cantaor, Jose María Bandera, Guitarrista, David Cerreruela, Guitarrista, Mario Montoya, Guitarrista, Antonio Suárez Salazar, Percusión, José Amador Pablo Goñi, Violín)
  • JUAN MORAO – SOLEÁ POR BULERÍAS (Diego del Morao, Guitarrista, Montse Cortés, Cantaora, Carlos Grilo, Palmero, Luis Peña, Palmero)
  • DOS ALMAS (Dorantes, Piano, Diego Amador, Piano)
  • LA HERMOSURA DE LO EXTRAÑO - GARROTÍN (Rocío Molina, Bailaora. , Paco Cruz, Guitarrista, Juan Antonio Suárez Cano, Guitarrista, Rosario La Tremendita, Cantaora)
  • ESOS 4 CAPOTES – COPLA POR BULERÍA (Miguel Poveda, Cantaor,Carlos Grilo, Palmero, Luis Peña, Palmero)
  • LLANTO - SOLEÁ (Eva Yerbabuena, Bailaora, Paco Jarana, Guitarrista, José Valencia, Cantaor, Enrique El Extremeño, Cantaor, José Luis de la Cruz, Cantaor, Manuel José Muñoz, Percusión)
  • SAETA (María Bala, Cantaora)
  • SEMANA SANTA (José Enrique de la Vega, Compositor de la marcha Oración a la Virgen Macarena, Javier Latorre, Coreografía, Marta Nogal, Bailaora, Mayte Beltrán, Bailaora, Estefanía Ruiz, Bailaora, Olga Aznar, Bailaora, Verónica Llavero, Bailaora, Berta Temiño, Bailaora)
  • ALEVÁNTATE - MARTINETE Y TONÁ (José Mercé, Cantaor, César Moreno El Güito, Percusión.)
  • BULERÍA DEL CARPETA (Manuel Fernández El Carpeta, Bailaor., Antonio Zuñiga, Cantaor, Jesús Guerrero, Guitarrista, Mariano Heredia, Palmero, Antonio Moreno, Palmero, Luis Peña, Palmero)
  • SILENCIO (Israel Galván, Bailaor)
  • AL DESPUNTAR LA MAÑANA – GUAJIRA (Arcángel, Cantaor, Miguel Angel Cortés, Guitarrista, Dani de Morón, Guitarrista, Rafael Estévez, Bailaor, Nani Paños, Bailaor, Patricia Guerrero, Bailaora)
  • LA DANZA DE LOS PAVOS – ALEGRÍA (Manolo Sanlúcar, Guitarrista, David Carmona, Guitarrista, Agustín Diassera, Percusión, Tete Peña, Percusión, Carmen Molina, Coros, Olivia Molina, Coros, Macarena, Coros)
  • TANGOS (Estrella Morente, Cantaora, José Carbonell Muñoz Montoyita, Guitarrista, José Carbonell Serrano, Guitarrista, Antonio Carbonell Muñoz, Palmero, Ángel Gabarre Barrull, Palmero, Pedro Gabarre Carbonell Popo, Percusión, Enrique Morente Carbonell Kiki, Palmero, Aurora Carbonell Muñoz, Coros, Soleá Morente, Coros, Victoria Carbonell, Coros)
  • EL TIEMPO (Javier Latorre, Coreografía, Karen Rubio, Bailaora, Marta Nogal, Bailaora, Mayte Beltrán, Bailaora, Estefanía Ruiz, Bailaora, Olga Aznar, Bailaora, Verónica Llavero, Bailaora)
  • LA LEYENDA DEL TIEMPO – BULERÍA (Tomatito, Guitarrista, Niña Pastori, Cantaora, Josemi Carmona, Guitarrista, Paquito Torres, Percusión, Yelsy Heredia, Contrabajo, Ángela Bautista, Coros, Tere Bautista, Coros, Toñi, Coros)
  • NANA Y CAFÉ - NANA (Eva Yerbabuena, Bailaora, Miguel Poveda, Cantaor, Paco Jarana, Guitarrista, Manuel José Muñoz, Palmero)
  • LLUVIA DE ILUSIÓN (Farruquito, Bailaor, Román Vicenti, Guitarrista, Antonio Rey, Guitarrista, Juan Requena, Guitarrista, Isidro Suárez, Percusión, Pedro Heredia, Coros, Antonio Flores Cortés, Coros, Juan José Amador, Coros, Antonio Zuñiga, Coros, Encarnita Anillo, Coros, Mara Rey, Coros, Ana Mª Vizárraga, Coros, Bernardo Parrilla, Violín, Jaime Calabuig Yumitus, Teclado)
  • ANTONIA – BULERÍA POR SOLEÁ (Paco de Lucía, Guitarrista, La Tana, Cantaora, Quique Maya, Percusión, La Juli, Coros, El Nano, Coros, Amalia Alvero, Coros, José Silva, Coros)
  • BULERÍA DE JEREZ (Luis Fernández El Zambo, Cantaor, Jesús Méndez, Cantaor, Manuel El Morao, Guitarra, Carlos Grilo, Palmero, Luis Peña, Palmero, Bobote, Palmero, Bo, Palmero, Chícharo, Palmero, Yoya, Bailaora, Curra, Bailaora, La Junquerita, Bailaora, Peña Flamenca Tío José de Pablo)


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The long-awaited new album of Jeronimo Maya. Produced by La Sonanta Productions in close collaboration with the expertise of the famous CD producer of Paco de Lucía and Vicente Amigo, José Luis Garrido from Musitron. Including an extensive DVD with interviews of all artist and José Luis Garrido, actual recording sessions and juergas enabling you to witness the recording process.


Participating artists: Ramón El Portugués, Amador de los Chorbos, Samara Losada, El Bo, Luki Losada, El Buba de Jerez, Khalil kayam, Antonio el Ciervo, El Cuba, Miguel el Rubio, el Momo, Quilino Jiménez, Felipe Maya, Leo de Aurora and Aurora Losada.

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