El Viejín guitar score book vol 3

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The guitar scores of the award winning album 'Algo que decir’ of José Jiménez 'El Viejín’ in the sophisticated and mysterious 'Caño Roto’ flamenco style of Madrid. Participating artists in this album are Paco de Lucía, Montse Cortés, Carles Benavent, Antonio Canales, Ramón el Portugues, Bernardo Parrilla and Luki Losada. This 3rd volume features 3 full scores of the album 'Algo que decir' on flamenco guitar written by Enrique Vargas in tab and standard notation. Specific scores also include the vocal melodies, song lyrics and second guitar. A separate section describes the guitar tunings, chord progressions, scales and foot tapping patterns to the beat.
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This volume includes transcriptions, comments and analysis of the following pieces:

  • Soleá por bulería "Caño Roto" recorded in the Hijaz-Nahawand Phrygian dominant scale D# with a very interesting singing accompaniment entirely transcribed.
  • Sevillanas "Cuatros". A virtuosity driven duet with the bass player Carles Benavent.
  • Minera "A mi hijo Jonatán", the composition that gave Viejin his fame due to its incredible beauty and virtuosity


  • Transcription of each piece in notation and tab with complete finger positions
  • History of the form
  • Flamenco modes, chords and tonalities
  • Compás, palmas and foot marking, essential to understand the flamenco rhythms
  • Analysis of the most difficult falsetas and explanations of the technical execution
  • List of generic rasgueados
  • Glossary of flamenco terminology
  • The symbols used in the sheet music


184 pages
Languages: Spanish and English
tab and standard notation
Lyrics, flamenco modes, chords, tonalities, vocal melodies and foot tapping patterns to the beat


José Jiménez (El Viejín) was born in 1962 in Caño Roto - the Gypsy part of Carabanchel, an old neighborhood of Madrid - to a family with deep roots in flamenco.

His father, El Tupé, was a famous flamenco dancer in the 60’s and 70’s. His uncle Nani is a legendary and mysterious guitarist, recognized and admired by everybody, including the great Paco de Lucía, despite never having recorded an album or given a concert.

It was tío Nani’s guitar playing that profoundly influenced little José and planted in him the first ideas that would eventually develop into what is known today as The School of Caño Roto.

José started playing guitar at the tender age of three, displaying outstanding talent from the very beginning. Awe-struck listeners would comment that he played like a wise old man, giving him the nickname el Viejín, which literally means “a little old man.”


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The 4th release in the flamenco guitar master series with the lineal descendant of the legend Ramon Montoya, the fabulous flamenco guitarist, Jerónimo Maya.


This could be one of the biggest flamenco productions: 194 pages A4 sheet music, 256 minutes double layer DVD in Spanish and English, over 2 years production time.


In these classes, available in book, DVD and online streaming format, Jerónimo Maya invites us, to learn his Caño Roto flamenco guitar techniques and playing. Jeronimo guides you through his specific techniques of rasgueados, picado, arpeggio, legado, the rare 'el Cantor' and 'Cejilla'. Jeronimo not only demonstrates these techniques separately, but also in practice, by playing 4 complete CD compositions, replayed slowly on a split screen with close ups of the left and right hands and a partial dynamic on-screen compas. The demonstrated Cd compositions are 'Un Cacho de la Luna' (granaína, bulerías), 'Palacio Real' (soleá), 'La Cotorra' (bulerías) and 'A Tropico' (Aire de Samba, bulerías). The accompanying book provides authentic transcriptions, written by Max Herzog in close collaboration with Jeronimo in both standard music notation and tablature....

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