Antonio de Torres, Guitar Maker

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A must for any serious luthier, student of the art of guitar making and any serious guitar lover. Very detailed 352 A4 pages of the life and work of the Spanish luthier, Antonio de Torres (1817-1892) who succeeded, at the end of the 19th century, in making the guitar required to accompany flamenco singing and dance, giving shape to the modern flamenco and classical guitar. Includes biographies, construction methods, scale drawings and illustrated catalog.
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It was the legendary Spanish guitar maker Antonio Torres (1817–1892) of Seville, at the end of the 19th century, that succeeded in making the guitar required to accompany flamenco singing and dance, giving the guitar its definitive form. Most of Antonio Torres his guitars were cheap flamenco guitars, the ones made from cypress wood instead of from the precious woods from Latin America. Local Gypsies could only afford these cheap guitars to play flamenco. In time they were adapted to small variations and eventually identified as flamenco guitars. Antonio Torres increased the body size and the width of the neck, he increased the scale length, he introduced the seven fan braces instead of three to make a thinner soundboard and improved internal bracing. His guitars were now suitable for concerts; the volume was not too weak anymore to play along with the loud percussive footwork of the dancers and the powerful vocals of the singers. Often it is thought that the flamenco guitar is to be a derivative of the classical Spanish guitar. This is incorrect since the classical guitar as well as the flamenco guitar have been developed, around the same time but separately, from their 19th century predecessors. Strangely enough, the founder of both the flamenco and classical guitar was the same luthier, Antonio de Torres from Seville. A very interesting and striking article, Cultural Origins of the Modern Guitar in the Soundboard magazine edition fall 1997, Richard Bruné stipulates that the modern flamenco guitar is closer to the 19th century guitar of Antonio Torres than the current classical guitars. In this article Richard Bruné indicates that the modern classical guitar is derived from an earlier flamenco type instrument. This guitar founding period at the end of the 19th century is also characterized by Tarrega (1852 -1909) his pioneering playing techniques used by guitarists. Today Juan Miguel Gonzalez Morales, born in Almeria January 17 1947, is the last legacy of Antonio de Torres. 

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The 6th release in the flamenco master series to learn the techniques and toques of the acclaimed and multi-awarded flamenco guitar master, Niño De Pura.


Starting from general playing tips, Niño De Pura demonstrates how to deal with posture issues, finger positioning and picado coordinations. Based on extensive exercises, Niño De Pura shows you his clear, very effective way with a lot of spoken tips to learn and improve flamenco guitar techniques such as picado, arpeggio, alzapua, rasgueos, tremolo and numerous variations and combinations. Niño De Pura not only demonstrates these techniques separately but also in practice by playing complete CD compositions, which are also replayed slowly on a split screen with close-ups of the left and right hand and a dynamic on screen compás. The demonstrated compositions include his famous guajira 'Pa'Pura', the alegría 'Alegrías del Kiki' and the taranta 'Tocando el Cielo'.


The accompanying 199 page thick book provides authentic transcriptions written by Max Herzog in close collaboration with Niño De Pura in both standard music notation and tablature. The DVD includes an inspiring interview with...

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